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You can book services 2~15 days in advance.

We open by appointments out of opening hours.

You can book the service out of opening hours(10am-7pm).

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We serve your bicycles by only certified mechanics.

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MTB forks shocks services

Guarantee high performance service

What differences we are

by a certified mechanic with professional tools

Certified technician suspension technology

We do all services and repairing work by a certified technician by United Bicycle Institute in Portland USA.

Machine bleeding works

By machine bleeding work, we guarantee super smooth movement and high performance. Machine bleeding eliminates not only air bubbles but also gases & moisture contaminated in a fluid.

Professional tools and right procedure

Professional tools protect forks & shocks’ inner part from any damage and help to follow the right service procedure.

Regular service

Interval service keep your gears up

Forks' lower leg and shocks' air sleeve service (RM50-100)

Forks' lower leg and shocks' air sleeve service (RM50-100)

Every 50 hours or year (which comes first.)


  • Remove lower leg unit/air sleeve unit form a fork / a shock
  • Take out form rings/seals from the unit
  • Clean the parts and units then inspect the condition
  • Lubricate the parts and the unit inside
  • Assemble back then check the function

Damper bleeding & Air spring service (RM150-200)

Damper bleeding & Air spring service (RM150-200)

Every 100 hours or year (which comes first)


  • Include 50hours service,
  • Take out damper and spring assembly from the upper unit of forks.
  • Clean the upper unit and all assemblies
  • Inspect seals on assemblies
  • Machine bleed to the damper
  • Lubricate the parts and the unit inside
  • Assemble back, set the spring then check the function

Full overhaul rebuild service (RM250-300)

Full overhaul rebuild service (RM250-300)

Every 200 hours or when the repair service needed


  • Include 100hours service,
  • Disassemble damper & spring assemblies
  • Clean all the parts separately
  • Inspect all the parts and seals
  • Machine bleed to the damper
  • Lubricate the parts and the unit inside
  • Assemble back, set the spring then check the functions

Special services

High-end services for repairing and tuning

  • Forks' inner bushing replacement (RM700 ~ / include 4 bushings for a lower leg unit)

    - When the symptom that moving low leg units sideways happen, bushings need to be replaced.
    - Stanchion tubes couldn't be grasped firmly by worn Inner bushings inside of lower leg units.
    - The cost varies depending on products.

  • Repair stanchion tube scratches (RM40 ~)

    - Scratches on stanchion tubes make seals and bushings worn fast.
    - By the result fluid leak and dry the lube then the performance goes down and the parts would be spoiled.

  • Upgrade to high flow piston (RM1,200 ~ / include the overhaul rebuild service)

    - The high flow piston kit from Andreani Italy allows the fork to recover much faster on repetitive hits, giving you more control and grip.
    - This kit is used Öhlins Swedish technology. By replacement, you can expect to get Öhlins forks' performance.