Want to be a professional…

Park Tool School & Wheel Pro Building Course


The curriculum is based on the BBB-4 Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair (released 24 Apr 2019) by Park Tool.

Course Fee

RM 500 for the single session
RM 1,800 for the full sessions


Every month 1st or 2nd week and 4 Saturdays.


We cover all the knowledge related to modern wheels and practices with various components.

Course Fee

RM 900 for the full sessions (18 hours)


On-demand course. 2 and half days

Experience premier services

by a certified mechanic with advanced tools

MTB Forks & Shocks service

Our machine bleeding work makes your forks and shocks super smooth by eliminating all air contaminated.

Hubs service, Bearings replacement

High-end hubs service – Chris King, DT Swiss and especially Sturmey Archer in Brompton


Contact us first for the best services

We welcome you to visit us during the opening hours (12:00-17:00).
For better consultation, let us know your visitation earlier.


MON-FRI * 12:00 – 17:00 (Closed on public holidays)


* During the courses open, the opening hours follow the course schedule.


Enjoy your riding with us

Certified mechanic

A certified mechanic by UBI in the USA & Bike Academy in S.Korea serves your bicycles professionally.

Advanced tools

Our services are quite distinct by using advanced tools and keeping the right procedure.

Beloved location

Strava® heat map shows the external ring road in Putrajaya is the most beloved place by cyclists. We’re beside there.

Our motto

Bicycles make people happy, society vibrant and also save environments. We make riding more enjoyable. We believe it could be little help for the better world.