Wheels and hubs service

Guarantee high performance service

How to check your wheel bearings worn

Simple understanding

Check your wheels are installed on dropouts firmly.
Hold the top of a wheel by one hand and the other hand holds the frame or fork nearby the wheel.
Push and pull the wheel sideways.
Feel the movement of bearings play.
If there is play, it may bearings are loose or worn. It needs adjustment or replacement.

Bearing replacement and adjustment

Sealed and Ball bearings

Sealed bearing replacement (RM40 / 1 Enduro bearing, include replacement service fee)

Sealed bearings are being used most of the wheels nowadays. These are easy to maintenance. However, once it is worn it should be replaced.

Ball bearing replacement (Price vary by quantity and material, Ask us)

Even many wheel manufacturers move to sealed bearings, Shimano uses ball bearings on their wheels. If ball bearings regularly maintained and adjusted, the performance could be always better than sealed bearings.

Premium hubs and Internal gear hubs overhaul

For the best performance

Chris King hubs' service (RM80~ / pair)

Chris King hubs' service (RM80~ / pair)

Chris King hubs are one of the best hubs. It’s different than other hubs, it is consisted of many parts and is need a dedicated tool for the service. (We do service for ISO, Classic and BMX Chris King hubs except for R45 hubs)


DT Swiss hubs' service (RM50~ / pair)

DT Swiss hubs' service (RM50~ / pair)

DT Swiss makes high-quality hubs. Some special tools are needed for overhaul service.


Brompton hubs' service (RM100)

Brompton hubs' service (RM100)

Sturmey Archer internal gear hubs could be seen on Brompton’s rear wheels. We do fully disassemble inner parts and clean them with sprocket and reset the shifting work.


Custom wheel building



Do you want to get well-balanced wheels? And need a combination of your preferred spokes and rims? We build up for you. We guarantee less than 0.5mm offset on the side and round shape



Wheel truing affects pedaling energy transmission. We adjust radial, lateral wheel balance perfectly.