Wheel Pro Building Course

Learn how to build perfect wheels by your hands


Help you build custom wheels

Nowadays most bicycle wheels are built by machines. When it compares with handbuilt wheels by professional builders, in terms of the quality, it couldn’t exceed handbuilt wheels quality.

It’s not easy to be a professional but wheel building itself is not so difficult. Only differences between professional and amateur are practice, concentration, understanding the whole process and foresee the interaction between components.

Through this course, we can help you understand fully the process and the interaction. And also by practices, we help your hands could remember the skills.


Wheel building and truing skills

By learning custom handbuilt wheel skills, you can build your own wheels with the various combination of rims, hubs, spokes, and nipples. And also you can true your own wheels correctly.

This is important because any wheels could be distorted even high-quality wheels also when you ride it for a long. Moreover, you could get a higher understanding of wheel building much more than normal mechanics in shops.

For the detail, kindly see the curriculum below. We cover all the knowledge related to modern wheels and practices with various components.


Wheel Pro building course

We only open on-demand courses. Contact us.

october, 2022

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Jerome Ahn
Certified advanced wheel builder by UBI(United Bicycle Institute. Portland USA) and DT Swiss



The on-demand course.

Participants are limited to 3 people in a class.

2 and half days. 2 days 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM and half-day 9:30 AM – 12:00 AM



The course fee is RM 900. (Booking deposit RM 300 included)

Register at least 1 week before the course begins with a deposit.



Dedicated professional wheel building tools and a truing stand are rented to a participant in the class.
And also we provide rims, hubs, nipples for hands-on practices.


Understand and practice professional skills


1. Understanding wheel components

Hubs, Rims, Spokes, Nipples


2. Understanding wheel building tools

Truing stand, Dishing gauge, Nipple driver, Nipple holder, Blade spoke holder, Tension meter


3. Spoke Lengths

Measuring rim, hubs

Measuring straight pull hubs

Spoke length calculation for offset rims and frames

Spoke length for non-standard nipples

Spoke calculator


4. Lacing

No cross, cross patterns


5. Truing

Lateral and radial truing, Dishing and Tensional truing


6. Repairing

Checking spokes, rims


1. Measuring

Hubs (Standard and straight full) : Over locknut distance, Flange distance, Spoke hole diameter, Pitch circle diameter

Rims : Effective rim distance

Spokes : Diameter, Width and thickness of a blade

Nipples : Size


2. Calculation

Spoke length for offset rims and frames


3. Lacing

2nd cross pattern with blade spokes

2nd cross pattern with straight pull spokes

3rd cross pattern with round spokes

Triplet pattern with round spoke


4. Truing

Lateral and radial truing, Dishing and Tensional truing

Making a wheel truing report


5. Repairing

Spokes cutting and threading