Overhaul service

Professional overhaul services

Bicycle Overhaul

Overhaul & Resetting services


uitable for yearly maintenance. Full overhaul service includes BB thread check, dropout check, hanger check, frame check, spoke tension check.

Overhaul Steps

Serve your bikes professionally

Disassemble Bicycle

Take apart all parts from a frame.


Wash the part with biodegradable degreaser

Wash out all grease, lubricants and dirties.
We only use non-toxic and non-flammable degreaser.


BB threading and tapping

We check threaded holes and faces of BB.
When it is needed, we do facing and threading works on it.


Lubricate the part

Lubricate oil and put grease on the part.
For reducing friction, we put anti-seize compound on press-fit parts.
And put assembly compound on carbon seat post to increase grip.


Install the part with recommended torque values

We install all the part following proper torque.
When it is needed, we use thread locker on bolts.


Check the part, frame and wheels

We check a frame, dropouts and do hanger alignment.
Then we check the worn out of a chain, cassette sprockets.
Wheels also will be checked laterally.
Each spoke tension will be read.


Set up the shifters and brakes

We set up all the cables with proper tension.
Then make the shifters and brakes work perfectly.


Check functions and test

We check all the function working.
Clean up excess oil or lubricants.



Special services

High-end services for repairing and tuning

  • BB thread repair (RM50~)

    Threads on BB shell are usually to be spoiled by tightening BB to wrong directions. If your BB cups don't go into BB shell smoothly, it needs to be repaired.

  • Cranks thread repair (RM50)

    When pedals install to cranks, threads on cranks are spoiled easily by mistake. If it's hard to install pedals on cranks, ask to us.

  • Hanger bent repair (RM50)

    A bent hanger affects shifting function. Usually, hangers are made by soft material so it could be re-bent with hanger checker.